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Problem Of Pain And Suffering – Part 2

Psalm 51.1-19

2 Corinthians 1:3-11

Where is God?


1)    It is all slightly overwhelming. How are we supposed to grow ourselves and our children in the Christian faith and still witness or share with others?
If I am still learning and growing how can I be confident in getting the correct message across?

2)    Is suffering apart from ‘for your faith’, for example illness, medical problems or as a consequence of your own sin, still considered sharing in Christ’s suffering?

Where are God’s people?

How should we respond?

1)    All people react differently
2)    Grief takes time to heal
3)    So what should I do or say?
4)    Answer their real questions don’t try to guess them.
5)    Faithful Christians suffer also
6)    Forgiveness is always available for those feel real guilt
7)    True and lasting hope in the face of suffering can only be found in Jesus
8)    Don’t just give intellectual answers, help them to know God better

Qu: How are you going to care for people in the face of their pain or suffering?