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Sermons on 1 Kings

Amos 3:9-15 – Terrified By Truth

Amos 3:9-15 – Terrified by truth Privileged position was about to end in a catastrophic way 1 Kings 12 … a bad start. … Deut 28 … covenant blessing and curses A nation that does not know how to do right – v 9-10 Map – Philistia and Egypt Verse 10, “they do not know how to do right”. … “they store…

Dealing With Discouragement As A Christian

Dealing With Discouragement What will 2018 bring … ? … BOTH times of good and times of hardship. What is discouragement? = “the loss of confidence or enthusiasm”. … different reasons …with different levels of intensity… for different lengths of time … at different times throughout the year. What causes discouragement? Endless difficulties Fatigue and overwork Loneliness in life Past failures and…