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Understanding the Church

Jesus the Lion-Lamb World View

Context: Jesus Centred Who Jesus is (2v1) The Pat on the Back (2vv2-3+6) The Shake-Up (2v4-5) The Promise (2v7) Application Is Jesus and His cross paramount in my life? Further reading: The Gospel in Revelation: G. Goldsworthy; Rev 5:5-6, 20:7-10; Isaiah 11:6; 1 Kings 18:38; 2 Kings 1:13-14; John 19:26-27; Gen 3:8; Acts 6:5; Mark 3:28-29, Gen 3:22; John 15:5; Heb 12:1-2

A Matter Of Discipline

What do we do when one of us openly sins? 3 reasons why we sin. Firstly – we do not realise it is sinful Secondly – we are struggling Thirdly – we do not care What should we do if our brother or sister in Christ sins? Matthew 18:15-20 Step 1 Verse 15 – Go and show them their fault. Step 2…

Experiencing God Together

Col 3 – It is not all about rules The five parts of the life of the Christian are Col 3:1-8 – relationships with Christ Col 3:9-17 – relationships with the local church. Col 3:18-21 – relationships with family. Col 3:22-4:1 – relationships with work. Col 4:2-6 – relationships with the outsider. Do not lie – 3:9 Who we are! Dress accordingly!…