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Sermons on 1 John

Genesis 4-5 – Cain and Abel

More Unknowns For example … Was Cain conceived before or after the fall? How often did Cain and Abel offer sacrifices? Exactly how did Cain kill Abel? What is the mark of Cain? A promising start Adam and Eve have offspring… Eve’s response? giving thanks to God or taking credit for creation A favoured offering …God looked with favour on Abel …but…

Samuel Marsden

What you need to start a new colony… Sydney: Plans for the first fleet London: John Newton and the Eclectic Society Sydney: The heavy demands of a chaplain.. – Uphold morality – Be a ‘proper churchman’ – Preach the gospel. London: Marsden prepares Sydney: Marsden and the mission to Australasia. Lessons from the chaplains: – Desire for gospel growth – Generosity –…