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Sermons on Colossians

The Gospel And Work

The Gospel And Work Where we’ve been in the last couple of weeks Work was made to be good Like everything, work in this world is corrupted. Work: more than just making a living The story of the world: We all know that there are things wrong in the world We all want to be part of making it better The danger:…

Experiencing God Together

Col 3 – It is not all about rules The five parts of the life of the Christian are Col 3:1-8 – relationships with Christ Col 3:9-17 – relationships with the local church. Col 3:18-21 – relationships with family. Col 3:22-4:1 – relationships with work. Col 4:2-6 – relationships with the outsider. Do not lie – 3:9 Who we are! Dress accordingly!…