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Sermons on 2 Peter

Amos 9:1-15 – Stop Running

Amos 9 – Stop Running A people with nowhere to hide – Amos’ vision strips away any thought of escaping the judgment to come. A God of fierce judgment “I will keep my eye on them for harm and not for good.” – Israel does not understand the power of God A God who gives hope in darkness – The last word:…

Recognising The Spirit’s Work

04 – Spirit of Truth – Recognising the Spirit’s work. Jesus was not preparing his disciples for a comfortable life? John 15:26 … when the Spirit comes … disciples are filled with grief It is good that Jesus is going Unless Jesus goes the Spirit will not come … a paraclete Recognising the Spirit’s work a) Spirit’s work in the world (8-11)…

William Tyndale

1) The Church and England in the early 16th century 2) Tyndale’s life and vision 3) The work of translating scripture 4) Tyndale’s legacy: What it means to access scripture – God’s voice is for all to hear – Who do we listen to? – Scripture is for all of life – We’re called to submit to a higher authority