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Sermons by Nathan Barden

Go Against The Flow

Recap Therefore, there for? Mercies/Compassions The theory The Passage – Practical implications of following Jesus v1 Sacrifice in gratitude v2 Resist The age we live in v3 Assess ourselves in clarity v4-5 We’re not carbon copies Responsibility to and for each other v6-8 Different abilities Attitude: not reluctant, lazy or bitter Application What motivates you? The cross should shape us so we…

Romans 1:8-15 – Visible (Invisible) Faith

Intro Wondering what you will get out of Church? Is your faith evident to people? Romans 1vv1-16 – Paul’s weighty intro Faith= trust, belief “Faith is the surrender of the mind… [and] reason” “…faith is reason gone courageous – not the opposite of reason” Christian faith: Jesus is the direct object of our faith or trust The Passage vv8-10 ‘Thanks and concern…

John 1:19-28 – Eyes Off Me

John 1:19-28; Matt 11:2-19 Just who do you think you are? Background: John the Baptiser… Excited about Jesus from the beginning (Lk 1:41) Man of integrity & humility. Lived simply (Mt 3:4-6) Pointed people to Jesus (Jn 1:6-8) Who John isn’t (Jn 1vv19-21): v19 Investigation v20 Messiah/Christ v21 Elijah or the prophet Who John is (vv22-25): More than a prophet, the Elijah,…

Jesus the Lion-Lamb World View

Context: Jesus Centred Who Jesus is (2v1) The Pat on the Back (2vv2-3+6) The Shake-Up (2v4-5) The Promise (2v7) Application Is Jesus and His cross paramount in my life? Further reading: The Gospel in Revelation: G. Goldsworthy; Rev 5:5-6, 20:7-10; Isaiah 11:6; 1 Kings 18:38; 2 Kings 1:13-14; John 19:26-27; Gen 3:8; Acts 6:5; Mark 3:28-29, Gen 3:22; John 15:5; Heb 12:1-2

Mark 11:27-12:12 – Whom Shall I Fear?

Jesus’ authority – What’s at stake? Driven by fear (11vv18, 27-28) Frozen by fear (vv31-33) Misplaced fear (12vv1-12) Two possibilities John the Baptist 11vv29-30 Jesus v33 Application What difference does this make? References: Mk 1:22; 2:5-7,10-12,16; 3:22; 4:39-41; 5:7,15,29,17,33-36,41-42; 6:7,12-13,18,26-29,41-43,49-50; 7:8,34-35; 8:25,29; 9:7,24,26; 10:21-22,29,32; 11:15-18; 12:42; 14:43,50; 15:31-32; 16:8; Lk12v4-5; Jesus Freaks Vol2: (p157-59)