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Genesis 12-14 – The Promise Of Blessing For The Earth

Genesis 12:1-20

Genesis 13:1-18

What does it mean to be blessed by God?

The story so far
– Gen 1-11

God calls Abram
– YHWH had promised to bless Abram

A god forsaken place?
… Abram, without any reference to YHWH, headed off … away from the land God promised him to Egypt where things were plentiful
… decides it is best to pretend his wife is his sister

Things start to look better
Gen 13:4 … he worshipped God again.
Lot’s choice –  Numbers 34:1-12 (MAP 3).

YHWH speaks
Abram lived in the land near the great trees of Mamre near Hebron and worshipped God. (MAP)

Abram, Lot and a growing trust in YHWH

What is Abram learning?
a) That God keeps his promises.
b) What it means to trust YHWH.
c) He must allow God to bless him in God’s way according to God’s timing.

For us today
1) YHWH rules over ALL
2) A promise that has been fulfilled
See Ephesians 1::3-14
3) YHWH uses flawed people