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Revelation 6:1-8:5 – The Seals

Revelation 6:1-8:5

… deeply shocking and strongly reassuring.

When the seals are opened
… conquest, butchering, famine and death.

Seals 1-4 … what is happening on earth
Seals 5 & 6 … what is happening in heaven.

Seal # 1
…a rider on a white horse
… given a crown and is sent out as a conqueror bent on conquest.
Seal # 2
… a rider on a red horse
… sent to take peace from the earth
… people on earth end up killing each other.
Seal # 3
… a rider is sent out on the black horse bringing famine.
Seal # 4
Death is sent out on his pale horse.
See Ezekiel 14:21

What do these first 4 seals mean?
… even though the Lamb has purchased people for God with his blood, conquest, massive unrest, butchering, famine and death will continue

Seal # 5
… dead Christians asking, “How long will this continue?”.
.. wait a little longer until the full number of fellow servants are killed
Seal # 6
… cosmic chaos unfolding.
– Joel 2:31

Before the seventh seal
….what will happen to the people of God?

God is gathering to himself his people, purchased by the blood of the lamb
A misused chapter

Rev 7:15…
He is bring us to be with him and the Son in heaven, enjoying his blessings forever.

Seal # 7
… silence in heaven for half and hour.

For us today
in the last 2000 years
… these realities represented by the four horsemen unfolding in many different places over the earth.
… the number of people who have lost their life for following Jesus has continued to rise.
… God has been gathering to himself his people, redeemed by the blood of the lamb who will enjoy heaven and all its blessing with him, for all eternity.