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Godliness Is Heterosexuality

Matthew 19:1-12

1 Corinthians 7:25-40

The Misconception: “Godliness is Heterosexuality”

Why this is important for us to think about:
– Even though it may not be our issue, we might unwittingly create a painful environment for our brothers and sisters in Christ.

What the belief gets right:
– Sexual purity is important

What the belief gets wrong:
– The way we treat different sins
– The way we think about desire (and elevating the wrong ones)

Do we really believe that eternity is our best?

Matthew 19 – is it better not to marry?

1 Corinthians 7 – choosing what’s best for the kingdom (and serving wherever we are)

What can we do about it?

1. Foster a kingdom vision (and celebrate those victories)

2. Watch what we hold up as the ideal to those facing those decisions

3. Recognize that we’re all in a struggle with sin, and support each other through it

4. Acknowledge that we can grow through choosing rightly when it’s hard.