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Revelation 12-14 – The Dragon, The Beastie Boys and The Angels

Revelation 12:1-13:18

Chapter 12 – Dragon (the gospel retold)

A sign in heaven (12:1-6).

  • The dragon is unable to stop God’s saviour coming.

The heavenly battle (12:7-12)

  • The significance of Jesus coming – salvation is secure.

The dragon’s response (12:13-17)

  • The church is persecuted

Chapter 13. – The Beastie Boys (persecution unpacked)

The “sea beast” (13:1-10) – human opposition to the gospel

The “land beast” (13:14-20) – the corruption of religion to oppose God’s truth                             

Chapter 14 – The Angels

A final call to respond to God (14:1-7)

Judgment on the beast and those who follow is declared (14:8-11)

The promise of deliverance for those who respond… (14:12-13)

And finally, that judgment is executed (14:14-20)