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Matthew 24:1-25:13 – Be Ready

Matthew 24:1-25:13

A world in chaos

When will Jesus return?

A Warning – Don’t be deceived by false messiahs

“What false messiahs?”

How do we deal with a “world in chaos”?
Option A – the “ostrich” approach
Option B – the “give-up” approach
Option C – look for a “messiah” … a “saviour”

A world that creates “false messiahs”

A Hope – We have a real messiah and he is coming back

On-line shopping – you own it now, but you do not have possession of it yet, however it is on its way

Lesson from the fig tree – a sign that summer is near

Examples of being ready

For us today

  • Put away your “false messiahs”
  • Don’t despair – be ready