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1 Peter 2:11-25 – Strangers In The World

Isaiah 52:13-53:13

1 Peter 2:11-25

1 Peter 2:11-25 – Strangers in the world

If you want people to hear about Jesus and get the opportunity to follow Jesus … how do you get the opportunity to share the gospel with them?
How is the best way for us to respond to it so that God is honoured, and the gospel proclaimed?

Battle sin and Live good lives v 11-12

… as foreigners or exiles.
… we are in conflict with the world we live in.
V 11 – “abstain from the sinful desires which wage war against our soul”

What are the sins that you are battling against at the moment?

V 12 – urges us to live good, God honouring lives.
… so that those around us might see what we do
Firstly, the passage is not saying that everyone will get converted
Secondly, one day Jesus will return.
Verse 11-12 = the mission statement of God’s people

Example #1 – Living under the authority of others
Verse 13-17 … living under the authority of others.
Verse 13 … submit to all authority.
Verse 16 … Live as free people…

How are you going with these instructions on Christian living?

Example #2- Living as a Christian at work
V 18 … slaves submitting to your masters.
… position to similar to our work life today.
…work well because of our fear of God