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Easter & Friday the 13th

One of the great ironies of our age is the rise of interest in the occult and astrology. The irony in this is that these practices are so unscientific yet we live in a culture that prides itself on the scientific enterprise.

In 2012, Friday the 13th is coming just one week after Good Friday and this day is often a focus in society for superstition. But the message of Christ crucified delivers us from the fear and uncertainty generated by the occult, superstition and astrology. What a great talking point. Why not raise the irony and contradiction of these two days being “celebrated” so closely together.

Despite the rants of the New Atheists, our society is deeply spiritual but sadly, they are looking in the wrong place. On top of this, we as Christians really struggle to get media attention. Our local paper for the last two weeks has had nothing on the Christian message. Apart from a short article on South Australian Africans at church, nothing was mentioned.

Maybe they just do not know where to look. When did you last ask someone what they thought about the spiritual world? You could ask them what led them to their conclusions. You might even like to ask them if they have ever considered the spiritual claims of the Easter Story. Depending on how the conversation goes, you could always offer to read the Easter Story with them and invite them to ask questions.

There are many needs we have as human beings. Amongst them are forgiveness, an understanding who we are, where we are going and the experience of being deeply loved.

The desire to know the secrets of the future and to be able to make sense of the “changes and chances of the fleeting world” so often lead us to search for answers in the stars or the mysteries of fortune telling.

Whilst being understandable, this searching in the dark and uncertain places is so unnecessary. Unnecessary because in the Cross of Jesus we are assured that there is a God of love who has provided a way of pardon through His beloved Son. There is no uncertainty either about God’s existence or desire to pardon all who would humbly repent and receive His son.

Once this is grasped and the place to find Jesus is in the open public domain Bible, everything begins to fall into place.

There is no place for either fear or uncertainty about our future since the judgement has been dealt with by Jesus. His resurrection opens the way into God’s presence. We can come into God’s presence by prayer and reading of His word, anytime and anywhere. In the future we will be in His presence for eternity with our own fully transformed bodies.

To be sure, we don’t know every detail of our days on earth but we do know that no day ever has to be lived alone. God’s Spirit, the Spirit of Jesus, dwells within the believer. He graciously comforts, corrects and counsels us.

The Easter event opens for us the experience of a lifetime. Life lived with God, for God and in His strength.

There is nothing dark, hidden or malevolent in the purposes of the God and Father of the Lord Jesus Christ. Only that which is open and good awaits the person who humbly entrusts themself to Jesus. Once done, the scientific method can be applied as His commands and promises are obeyed and road-tested in the everyday mundane matters of life.