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Easter Compels Us to Choose

The great Easter Day resurrection stands as the greatest event in world history and it compels us to choose. We need to make a choice either to accept it or reject it. (By the way, the decision to put it off for now is the same as to reject it).

So did it really happen? Absolutely and the evidence for the empty tomb and the resurrected Jesus is overwhelming. This evidence is supported by those for and against Jesus.

Before setting out the clear evidence for Jesus’ bodily resurrection J.N.D. Anderson, formerly Professor of Oriental Laws and Director of the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies at the University of London wrote, ‘If it [the resurrection] of Jesus is true, then it is the supreme fact of history; and to fail to adjust one’s life to its implications means irreparable loss.’

The resurrection shows us that Jesus’ death on the cross as the ‘God-appointed means of providing forgiveness’ was fully accepted by God. It was God’s resounding ‘Amen’ to Jesus’ triumphant cry from the cross, ‘It is finished’ (which means paid in full).

Christians proclaim Jesus as the unique Saviour who has ‘no peers, rivals or successors’. His resurrection stamps Him out as both unique and wonderfully accessible. Accessible because He is alive. Jesus is no ‘teacher’ or ‘representative of God’ who once lived but is now dead. He is a Saviour who is alive and One whom we can know. Indeed the Bible tells us, and the experience of countless Christians affirms, that He not only intercedes for us in prayer to God our Father but through His Spirit, comes to dwell in our hearts.

It is because of Jesus’ resurrection that we can look forward with great confidence to His return. The time when injustices will be righted, the New Heavens and earth transformed, where there will be no sin, wickedness, war, tears or death, and where Jesus will be honoured and seen to be Lord.

But Easter compels us to choose. Easter Sunday is a day of irreparable loss for all who do not avail themselves of the opportunity to accept God’s forgiveness through Jesus and enthrone Jesus as their Lord. Jesus’ resurrection compels us to choose – between life or death. His love to us, displayed in the cross and the glorious resurrection couldn’t make God’s desires clearer. The fact that we have yet another Easter to be reminded of Jesus’ uniqueness should alert us to ‘choose life, not death’, for when we die it will be too late.