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Evidence of God

CS Lewis once said

I believe in God like I believe in the sunrise: not because I can see it but because I can see all that it touches.

How good of God to give us daily reminders of His presence, power and purpose to bless each day. Every time I boil the jug for my morning cuppa I’m reminded of God’s consistency – the water not only boils at the same temperature but it also pours down into my cup. We may describe this loving consistency of God as boiling point and gravity but when we do we are consciously or subconsciously affirming His care for us.

Then when I open the fridge and pour my milk on my cereal and rhubarb or banana, I’m confronted with the clear evidence of His daily provision for me. As I greet and converse with my wife or family and then go about my daily work or enjoy friendships, I see that I’m created by a God who loves relationships, work and conversation. This is part of what it means to be made in God’s image.

The evidence of God is all around us. His fingerprints are all over His creation, especially us. And we don’t need to be gifted detectives to discover the evidence – He has left it all there for us to discover and enjoy. Without a doubt the most compelling evidence He has revealed to us are the cradle,the cross and the empty tomb, all pointing to the person of Jesus whose life is so wonderfully attested in the New Testament literary record and history of the world.

Someone challenged the great scientist Galileo to explain how God could be so powerful and yet care for every person. He responded by saying, “The sun, with all those planets revolving around it and dependant on it, can still ripen a bunch of grapes as if it had nothing else in the world to do”.

Unbelief in or uncertainty about God are not viable options for us. God has not only left clues lying around for us to see but they have been designed to help us say Thank you, Sorry and Help me trust and praise You. Thank you for the sun and our daily bread. Sorry when pangs of guilt (a wonderful God-given gift to keep us from becoming desensitised to our own sin) assail or even prick our conscience; trust as we learn to rely upon and enjoy His consistency in creation and praise as we share our joy of Him with others.

We are wise to respond to the evidence before us since it becomes more assuring every day. The alternative of practised denial only hardens us to the warmth and light that He would have us enjoy. It has been said that when a person walks away from the sun, all the shadows are in front of them, whereas when a person walks toward the sun, they all fall behind. When God bids us to not only consider the work of His hands but also to put our trust in His Son Jesus, it is simply because He loves us. It is not to immure us from life’s inevitable shadows – those of death, sickness, conflict, sin – but rather to keep us from being overwhelmed by them when they touch our lives.

These blessings are for those who simply turn to God and daily trust Him, not for those who in CS Lewis’ words “regard God as an airman regards his parachute – there for emergencies but hopes he will never have to use it!”

Adapted from an article by Peter Brain