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Who Has the Rational Mind?

Romans 12:2 calls on us to be transformed by the renewal of our mind. Yet it is often portrayed that the realm of the atheist is the thinking rational mind and the realm of the person of faith is running from reality.

The web site promoting the global atheist convention this week had a segment from a channel 10 morning program last Sunday. The short segment summed up the Australian understanding of Easter as something to do with holidays, chocolate and Easter bunnies.

The representative for Christianity was asked if he could communicate to the atheist what Easter was all about from the Christian point of view. How would you answer the question? You might like to have a go with each other over morning tea. It might be a good way to raise the topic in your world by asking people what they reckon Easter is all about. Sadly I thought Jason (the atheist) summarised the message of Easter better than the summary from the Christian representative.

Jason  thought it was important for us to understand where our ‘traditions’ come from but then he added that we should move on and let go of their beliefs if they no longer make rational sense in 21st Century.

It was a pity he did not actually identify what it was concerning Christianity that does not make rational sense in the 21st C. I could not help but wonder if he was ever read and understood the incredible irrational comments made by some of the most prominent atheists today. Rather than us defending our position we should be asking him to support his claim. May be we should ask, “What are the claims that you find irrational in the 21st C?”

Richard Dawkins often makes irrational claims. His problem is that there are some things that ‘science’ cannot prove. For example he could not prove via the scientific method that ‘democracy is better than fascism’ nor could he rationally prove that ‘it is right and good to help the poor and uphold justice in society’. And yet these truths are held by many people in our society today. The reality is that there are even limits to reason. As Dawkins ended up admitting recently he could not “100% prove” there was no God.

Another rational blunder made by more than one of the prominent New Atheists is the claim that there is no evidence for Jesus.

In the ‘God Delusion’, Dawkins claims that there is no evidence to support the historical Jesus and then he invents a scholarly debate to prove his point. He cites the work of a marginal writer who has no expertise in the subject to support his irrational claim. It is almost deceptive (or naive) that he presents this unheard of writer as somebody who is part of the main stream debate on the topic. There is not a historian in a major academic institution who would support the irrational claims Dawkins and other make here.

Do you get worried by the public open attacks of the Christian faith? Do you worry if it is really rationally grounded? Do you think you need to leave your brains at the door of the church in case you find out it is all wrong?

Can I suggest you start reading and preparing your mind for action? Why not browse our resource centre for some books to read.