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How To Affect Your Family For Over 100 Years

I know I have shared this with you before but in the last few weeks I have been listening to a lecture on the life of Jonathon Edwards and wanted to remind you of the powerful impact we have as parents on future generations.

Parenting is a hard task but it is an extremely rewarding and important task. I trust that you are encouraged and reinvigorated as you read this article.

Do you realise the potential you have as parents to change the world? I bet you never realised just how big an effect you can have on your children and the generations that follow.

A study was done on 2 men’s lives and the generations that followed them:

  • Firstly, three hundred years ago in America a godly man called Jonathon Edwards was a minister who had an impact in his day. He married a godly woman, and over the past three hundred years his descendants have included: 265 college graduates, 12 college presidents, 65 university professors, 60 doctors, 100 ministers, 30 judges, 3 Congressmen, 2 Senators, and one Vice President of USA.
  • Secondly, Sociologists have compared the effects of Jonathon Edward’s life and marriage to those of another man living at the same time, Max Juke, a derelict and ungodly man who married a woman of similar character. Over the generations, their union has produced: 310 professional paupers, 50 prostitutes, 60 thieves, 7 murderers, 53 assorted criminals of other varieties, 300 children who died in infancy, 440 crippled by disease.

Don’t underestimate how your life now is able to affect future generations!

What good or bad have you been passed on from your ancestors and what will you pass on to others yourself?

Bad cycles are able to be broken but generally it requires someone greater than ourselves to help us. Jesus offers us that sort of fresh start and help when we turn to him.

One thing God promises in his word is that when we “seek first his kingdom and his righteousness all these things will be given to you” (Mathew 6:33). In other words, if we put him first in our life so many other things will fall into their right place.

When you walk with Jesus in your life who knows what blessing will result for your future generations!