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The Age of Exposure is Exposed – Part 2

The age of exposure is exposed – Part 2

 This is the second part of a two part series that looks at the confused sexual ethic of our society and why God’s way works. Part 1 can also be found on the church web site.

 Dead Men Walking

Anyone who held a traditional view on marriage, for example, was rejected as a taboo breaker merely for holding that perspective, never mind voicing it.  And now suddenly the likes of Weinstein and Spacey, on the basis of breaking the other two taboos, find themselves cast adrift with the very taboo breakers they previous scorned. All lumped into the same basket.

The three taboos bear equal weight and no amount of liberal establishment movies or fund raisers will salve their guilt.  These men are dead men walking in Hollywood.  Never mind “no lunch in this town again”—they won’t even be able to live there.

I can only imagine their horror at it all, and the sense of dread and guilt at the cultural rejection that is coming their way for the rest of the lives.  All they have to look forward to is strident anger, religious zealotry, and cat-calls of “heretic” from the very establishment that has spent billions promoting a post-traditional, post-religious world, to us all.  The irony is extreme.

The fact is, taboos two and three (see last week) are not merely modern inventions, they are woven into the fabric of the world that God has put together and which he has revealed in Scripture.  They were commands of God long before they were secular taboos.  Modern culture just assumed it was smarter than God by attempting to isolate these two taboos from all of the other commands about sex that have been broken with gay and straight abandon down the centuries.  And the result is a mess.

We now live in a world in which university students film each other with their iPhones—not during sex – but before it, just to have a recorded proof of the consent of the other person, in case it all gets ugly in the morning or in thirty years time.  Perhaps universities will start handing out consent templates on freshers’ day, with “insert name here before you insert anything else anywhere” on them.

Harvey and Kevin’s real concern is that Hollywood has no confessional, no altar, no service of reconciliation.  Hollywood creates movies that extol forgiveness, redemption and restoration, but all they’re doing is piggy-backing on the biblical story while stripping it of transcendence.  The awful reality is much different—just ask Bojack Horseman of the cult series about life as a Hollywood has-been.

Like Bojack, all that will be left to the likes of Harvey and Kevin is an ever tightening circle of self-justification and self-loathing, fuelled by an increasing realisation that the best is behind them, along with the unspoken fear that their exposure in this age of consent is the start of a living hell from which they will never be set free.


Steve is approaching an age which would be a more than useful Test batting average. He is a pastor of Providence Church in WA, is married to Jill and together they have two children, Sophie and Declan. Steve grew up in Northern Ireland, but apart from rolling his “r’s”, and talking too fast, is a West Aussie through and through. He has degrees in journalism and theology and enjoys combining the two through writing and blogging, especially on matters of church planting and cultural negotiation for Christians in the increasingly complex West.