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The Love of God and How I Run My Life

It is said by Jesus that “the only person in the world who had the right to assert his rights waived them.” Because Jesus is fully God, we rightly stand amazed at His humility because of His coming amongst us just 25 lifetimes ago.

Why should God the Son who sustains the Universe and causes the Heavens to thunder come and cry in His mother’s arms? There is only one answer that takes the facts of His earthly life seriously and it is certainly not weakness. It is because of His real love towards us. God’s love for us is real and sacrificial. A love that is not sacrificial is no love at all. There is no doubt that we are loved by the living God. The voluntary coming to earth and going to the cross by Jesus demonstrates and assures us of this love.

As John Stott expresses it “if the Son of God did not take to Himself our nature in His birth and our sins in His death, He cannot reconcile us to God.” And He reconciles us in order to relate to us and to change us. A church notice board once read: God loves us so much that He finds us where we are but He never leaves us “where He finds us.” In other words He wants to change us.

Are you allowing God to change you? To mould you and shape you in a a way that is not only best for you but also in a way that brings glory to him. A former English cricketer C. T. Studd said “if Jesus Christ be God and died for me, no sacrifice can be too great for me to make for Him.”

It all comes down to a simple question, “who is in charge of my life?” Prior to becoming a Christian I lived as if I was in charge of my life. Of course this was a vain venture. How could someone who couldn’t control whether his Saturday cricket game would be washed out or not (not to mention how many runs he might make) possibly think he was in control? But what a wonderful assurance to know that the one who came so lovingly could be trusted to control my life.

As Christians we need a new view of God where He increasingly becomes the one who manages our life and a new view of ourselves and others where we willingly waive our rights in order to serve others.