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The Importance of All People to God

Celebrity millionaire. Celebrity stunts… and so our national obsession with the famous and well known continues.

But what is a celebrity. My dictionary tells me it is “being famous, a well known person”. It seems that in our popular culture a celebrity is a person well known through media, sporting or film appearances.

Yet there are many other celebrities in our communities, in our families, whose influence far outweighs their fame.

We all know people whose quiet and patient service of others who are sick, disabled or affected by dementia.

There are others whose service as teachers, youth group leaders or in the emergency services is often unheralded.

Few of these people would want their efforts celebrated in a public fashion and most of us would recognise the vitality of their work as being fundamental to meaningful community life.

Without suggesting that it is wrong for people to excel and attain celebrity status it does seem strange and ultimately unhealthy to delve into every aspect of their lives. Unhealthy for them and us. The pressure and the expectations are often too great, no one wants to live in a fish bowl. And the curiosity on our behalf can only feed an unhealthy interest and prying into others lives.

It is important for us to celebrate, through respect, encouragement and help the ordinary, everyday, unassuming tasks and opportunities of ordinary men, women, boys and girls.

The reality is that all people are important to God since we are made in His image and that all we do and are is seen and known by Him. Nothing escapes His gaze. We do live in a fish bowl. Our motives, actions and words are weighed by God. One day they will be revealed to all. Thankfully there is full pardon for the repentant believer in Christ.

But what a wonderful encouragement to know that every deed, every service rendered to another does not escape God’s notice. They cannot earn or merit salvation but when done in His strength and humbly for others are acts that bring Him fame and honour. The humble servant is known and honoured by the Master, whose attention alone is worth living for.

To be able to live with God as the main Person in our grandstand is liberating since it keep