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The Bodily Resurrection

There is no truth like the bodily resurrection of Jesus on that Sunday morning 2016 years ago.

So much hangs on that Day. How we face life and death is determined by that Day and our response to Jesus as Lord and Saviour. The resurrection not only serves to vindicate all of Jesus’ claims, promises and demands upon us but it shapes our view of the world and our future.

At least five issues are settled and shaped by Jesus’ resurrection:

  1. We can be sure that God exists. The resurrection confirms not only that Jesus is God the Son but also the kind of God Jesus is and proclaimed. He keeps His promises (since He said He would rise on the 3rd day after being crucified) and is full of love and mercy.
  2. His resurrection shows us that there is life after death. Jesus overcame death as a guarantee that all who trust Him will similarly survive physical death. Nothing is surer than this glorious truth.
  3. The question of which religion is true is settled by the resurrection. No other religious leader ever claimed (or religion has been able to substantiate a claim) that their founder rose from the dead. Clearly Jesus is the way to God. Furthermore, since He is alive we are able to relate to Him as Lord and Friend.
  4. There is a future for humankind. We want a better world but seem incapable of accomplishing it. When Jesus returns as Judge and Saviour He will do what we find impossible. In the meantime He commissions His followers to lovingly fulfil His purposes by imitating Him in all things.
  5. Suffering and death are viewed in a new light because of Jesus’ resurrection.

This life, lived amidst pain and uncertainty, is neither the end nor the substance. Life now gives us the opportunity of taking our stand for and with Jesus. Eternity is the sure prospect for all who trust Jesus and identify with Him as their Saviour.

And the evidence? It abounds. The change in Paul from persecutor for proclaimer. The change in James from sceptic to follower. The witness of the gospel writers, the change from Saturday to Sunday as the day of worship, the boldness of once frightened disciples, the empty tomb, the resurrection appearances to many individuals and groups over 40 days, the testimony of non-Christian writers combine with the personal experience of billions of believers from every culture down through the ages of a living Saviour and friend. Have you ever looked at the enormous amount of evidence that point sot the risen Jesus. Lots of this evidence is even supported and upheld by those who are both experts in their field and opposed to the Christian faith.

What we do with Jesus matters and it matters not just for now but for eternity. Jesus offers us the opportunity to live life in all its fullness, both now and for eternity. Do you want to know more… why not ask about our Christianity Explored Course?