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Six Myths of Discipleship – Part 2

Last week we were looking at the six myths regarding discipleship, here are the final three. The thoughts comes from Col Marshall in an article he published on the web site.

Myth 4: Discipleship is about personal accountability to a discipler.

This myth says that discipleship is about the kind of trusted relationship where someone keeps us accountable about quiet times, church attendance or avoidance of particular sins, like pornography. While it is a blessing to be able to be open with each other about our sin and our struggles, there is a danger of pleasing the ‘discipler’ rather than Christ.

The truth is that we are already accountable to a life of devotion, repentance and discipleship to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Myth 5: Preaching is not really about discipling people.

Preaching is often understood to be more about teaching and doctrine than discipleship. This myth says that preaching is not discipleship, because it is public and widespread, rather than private and one-to-one.

However, the truth is that making disciples happens in many ways, just as Jesus made disciples as he preached to the crowds that followed him. Discipleship is about what we proclaim in every setting.

Myth 6: Making disciples is only for those with a certain gifting, temperament or ministry.

Many of our church members feel that they are not personally called to obey the Great Commission. They think that it is the work of pastors and church leaders to make disciples, and ‘ordinary Christians’ only support the work in other ways.

However, the truth is that discipleship is the entire Christian life in the service of our Lord Jesus. Which means that everyone is called to make disciples, using their gifts, context and opportunities. Everyone is called to respond to the words of Jesus in Matthew 28:19: “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations …”

How are you going as a disciple making disciple? If you want to know more please speak to Rick or Dave.