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God’s Great Design

I think God must have made mandarins especially for children’s lunch boxes”

The way they are so easily, unlike oranges, peeled and then broken up into manageable portions makes them ideal for eating.

God’s packaging methods are really mind blowingly intricate and functional and biodegradable, which of course is what we would expect of God, whose ways are always perfect and good.

Above the gate on the Old East End markets in Adelaide, is inscribed the text, “The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof.” This quotation, from Psalm 24, bears testimony to a trust in God as the bountiful creator.

But back to the humble mandarin, which, I understand, came to Australia from China. Here we see not only God’s provision of our needs but another way in which He has given us a remarkable variety of things to enjoy. There is nothing dull or bland about God. The things He gives are for our nourishment and enjoyment.

He takes into account even the packaging – like the banana skin, the mandarin skin is so easy to remove. We humans can make good packaging, which comes from materials God has given us, but the humble mandarin skin is easier for a child to remove than glad wrap. (It takes me ages to work out how to get it off my sandwiches sometimes – some would call me a slow leaner – perhaps I am.)

How wise we are when we learn to thank God for His marvellous provision. The sticker told me that my mandarin was packaged by a certain company, but I know better than that. God is the Primary producer and packer. I reckon He deserves our praise and wonder. Don’t you?