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Using Your Power – Part 3

Well this is the third part in a series that looks at how we should use our power in godly ways. We have so far briefly raised Godly ways to use our power in the church and in the family. Today we turn our attention to the workplace.

Whilst it might not be like this where you work, the workplace is often portrayed as a place of power. There are egos on the line and the opportunity to rule others. There are careers to further, promotions to gain, and the corporate ladder to climb. Now I am sure not all work places are like this but this does not mean that power over others in the workplace is not exerted in other ways – you might like to reflect on how it works in your work place.

The question we are interested in is this, “How we can we be so radically different with the power the workplace gives us that those we work with want to find out more about Jesus because of what they see in us?”

So how can you use the power you have in the work place in a godly way? By this I certainly do not mean that you use your position of power to force people to come along to an evangelistic event. That would be an ungodly use of power. Nor do I mean that you always have to speak the gospel to those you work with whether they want to listen or not. (Look at 1Peter 3:15 to see why this is wrong.)

Here are just a few examples of what I mean. Using your position of power in a godly way will mean you will be seeking to do your job with integrity, honesty and truth. You will be the sort of person who does not see those you have power over as ‘money making machines’ or ‘steps in your career path’ but as ‘people made in the image of God’.

You will be a person who does not lie for your boss or lie to your boss. You will not fiddle the stock sheets or cover your mistakes. If you are seeking to honour God with the power he has given you in the work place you will be as safe and equitable as your position allows and you will pursue fairness to the people you manage.

When thinking a little wider than just your work site, power in the workplace can be used to keep others in poverty or trapped in their job either in our country or overseas. So a person who seeks to honour God in the work place will seek to have an ethical supply chain for the products they sell.

Now whilst we will look at the temptation to use our sexuality in ungodly ways in another article it is worthwhile saying here that if you want to honour God in your work place you will dress modestly not in a way to manipulate others and at the same time you will take constant steps to maintain a sexual purity that honours God.