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Taking the Next Step

Over the last month I have been meeting with a few people to discuss the start of the 7pm service at the beginning of 2015. As a result of us growing under the word of God we have also being growing numerically. The thought of starting an evening service is not so we can feel more comfortable at TTG Anglican. It may have the very opposite effect.

I would imagine it might be very unsettling to add another service. There will be more to do, more to prepare and another night out each week. There will be people we once saw at church regularly now coming to another service. There might even be less people at our morning service and thus less people to help out with the tasks ahead. It is certainly a little daunting to take the next step.

However even though the next step might seem a little daunting it is also a wonderful challenge. Let me explain why. Our aim as a church is not to relax and feel comfortable; our aim is to glorify God. Our mission statement says this – “We are the body of Christ, Growing under his Word, Reaching people to know Christ, Building people to serve Christ”.

Here are just three ways a new evening service will help us do this:

Firstly – it gives us room to grow BOTH services. If our ‘church building’ is already full of ‘the Church’ (that is the people) then how will we be able to invite new people in? At around 120 people our 10am service is “full”. Therefore simply by starting an evening service and getting people to join it we ‘empty out’ some 10 am seats and provide plenty of 7pm seats for new people.

Secondly – It connects with a wider number of people. Some people are not free in the morning as they work; some people struggle with illness in the mornings and some people have a different cycle of sleeping and being awake.

Thirdly – It opens ministry with people who might not be looking for a family style service.

Taking the next step prayerfully together

Whilst this is certainly a step the whole parish is taking, once I am back from Long Service Leave we will be asking who is interested in joining the 7pm service and making it a priority and base for ministry in 2015.

Please pray for both the 10am service and 7pm service in the changes ahead. Pray for a great boldness to step into the unknown and possible ‘less comfortable’ situations. Pray for us to grow a new boldness to share the gospel with those who do not follow Jesus and to seek to invite people along. Pray for new people at both the 10am and the 7pm service to be willing to help out with the things that need to happen. And pray most fervently that this step might result in God’s name being glorified and the gospel being proclaimed to more people.