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Human pride can be an awful thing. Not only does it cause us to look down on others but its worst expression is when we feel we can do without God.

There is the story about a famous boxer (Muhammad Ali) on a flight in America. As the attendant was checking on seat belts she said to the boxer, “Sir, would you mind doing up your seat belt?” “Superman don’t need no seatbelt”, was his answer. As quick as a flash she replied, “Superman don’t need no aeroplane!” Touché. He had met his match. How fortunate we are when we learn this lesson early in our life. We will be kept from pretending that we can do it all and we will learn the joys of relying upon and living in God’s daily strength.

It has been said that “when God created man He made him out of nothing. And that is what He would continue to do.” To come to God humbly, with the words “nothing in my hand I bring, simply to your cross I cling”, is not a put down but a reality check.

Yes, our sin cuts us off from God and makes us proud and independent but God does not want to write us off. When Jesus paid the debt to reclaim us He shows us just how valuable we are to Him. When we humble ourselves before God – acknowledging our wretchedness, accepting His Son as our sin bearer, enthroning Jesus as our Lord and Master, we demonstrate that we agree with God that we are valuable.

The saddest aspect of pride is that we not only don’t value others but we devalue ourselves.

Jesus would add value to us when we humble ourselves before Him. When this happens, everything changes. We not only overcome feelings of worthlessness but we begin to trust others as we should. Society and our families become better places to be. We add value to others every time we walk humbly with God.