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Building People to Serve Christ

During the month of February I briefly want to look at the four aspects of our life together as a church that are highlighted in our vision statement. What we are seeking to do as a church and why the Bible says this is an important thing for us to be doing.

This week I want to look at the fourth and final aspect of our life together as a church.

Building people to serve Christ

Finally as a church we desire to serve our God. This links of course back to the body that is working together and what it says in Eph 4:12 that the people of God should be prepared for works of service, that is all pitching in to help in the task of glorifying God and praising his name together. And there is plenty to do.

In the life of a local congregation there is anything from cleaning to leading services, there is serving morning tea to making it, there is running groups or garden maintenance, there is a whole range of places we can serve in and a whole range of ministries that you could well be part of.

Now is a time I am really tempted to let you know of the ‘tasks ahead’ that ‘need to be done’ or the ‘ministry positions that need to be filled’ but you see it is not as simple as that. You need to have a ‘heart desire to serve’ not to be made to feel guilt. Ministry must start in the heart and flow out of a desire to serve God because of what he has done for you in Jesus.

When it comes to serving God you could eagerly desire to serve and yet you still have other areas of responsibility that means you are unable to do it. Each of us will find ourselves in very different circumstances. Your family might be at a particular stage that means they need your main attention and so you gospel hearted ministry must start in the home and cannot ignore the God given responsibilities at home.

Also as we think of serving God there is responsibility for me to be preparing you for ‘works of service’. So what areas of service do you want to be prepared for? Have you ever sat down and thought and prayed about how God wants you to serve him? Did this then flow through into changed actions and a shifting of priorities? What works of service do you want to be prepared for?

Let me end with a warning. Serving God will cost you and I do not just mean economically. I wonder if it is true to say that if serving God has not cost you then you probably are not serving him and are more likely to be serving yourself. It is a bit of a harsh thing to be thinking about isn’t it? The challenge hits home to me as much as it should hit home to you.

So … If you desire to be involved in serving the body to the glory and honour of Christ then please speak to me – it might be best to contact me during the week as today it is the AGM after the 10am service.