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Working in the Hive

I have been back at work only two days. We have two lovely weeks holiday, and I am sitting at my computer about to begin a day’s work. This week we have a one off sermon looking at what the Bible says about the Christian and their work. It is easy for me to think about that in isolation and feel that the best work for me (or anyone) to be doing is full time Christian ministry. But is that really the case?

In the last few hours I have relied on the work of possibly hundreds of thousands of people that have enabled me to be sitting here at my computer. Some of the work they have done is obvious and some is unseen.

Let me give you a few examples. It was not long ago I was asleep in bed. A bed I did not build or design, made from wood I did not grow, water or plant. The bed was in a house I did not build or own. Keeping me warm in the bed were sheets I did not weave, or plant, or spin. There was a doona with stuff in it I did not grow, sow or sew.

These things that kept me mostly warm and comfortable were made by people I do not know, probably from people all over the world and they were transported to me via a complex transport system that I do not even want to begin to think about. It is a transport system that uses petrol, manufacturing, services, roads, ships, aircraft, shops, retail workers importing & exporting companies … and the list could go on.

I could sleep at night because of the work of people over generations who enabled the country I live in to operate in a safe way (BTW – these people were people who were profoundly influenced by the Christian world view – but that is another story).

You will be pleased to know I had a shower but I was using water I did not collect, a pipe system I did not build, design or install. It was heated with gas I did not mine or supply to our house. The soap I used … I could keep going. Eventually I sat down at a computer that I did not design or program … and turned it on.

You see what I mean. What sort of fool would say his job was more important than others. I am glad my job is not the only job people have. For those who claim that full time Christian ministry is the best for Christians to be doing why not ask them who supplied to fuel for their hot water system or the coffee for the morning coffee.

It is good for us to see that we are part of the work of the hive and that all of us are actually interdependent on each other. God made us as relational people and of course we can enjoy life and its blessing if we relate to each other and join in the work of the hive.

I trust that this morning will give you the opportunity as one of the hive workers to then ask the question that we all need to ask. How can my work in the hive point others to know God, enjoy God and live with him forever? For when we have this view of our work then our work will have an eternal impact.