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Who Rules – Really?

Recently I was asked a question via our question box. The question went like this, “If Jesus is now ruler of the earth (rather than man) how does that fit with Gen 1:26-28, where man is supposed to rule the earth?” There were also references to Heb 2:9, 14, 1 Cor 15:45-49. I hope this is a helpful start in answering the question (in a limited space).

In Gen 1:26ff God says that he makes man in his image and then gives him the task of ruling over God’s good and perfect creation. Unfortunately we did not do a very good job because we thought we could rule over God’s creation without listening to God. When God gave us this job of ruling his creation it was never to be in exclusion to God. We were to rule under God using HIS knowledge of good and evil to make wise and just decisions in our rule. We were never given the task of ruling independently of God (and given that Jesus is the second person of the Trinity he was always 100% involved in the over-all rule of the world – even prior to God the Son becoming flesh and dwelling among us.

Without jumping too much I hope, the flow of scripture shows that God the Son, lowered himself and took on human flesh and dwelt among us (John 1:1-14).

We are reminded in a number of places that when our Trinitarian God took on human flesh in Jesus the Son, he lowered himself to our level. It is not that he was no longer a member of the Godhead. (You might like to read some of the articles from our previous newsletter on Jesus being 100% man and 100% God – refer to our website).  God the Son was then crucified, as the perfect 100% God, 100% Man, and was then resurrected and given the place that is above every name to rule God’s redeemed world (see Phil 2:1-11).

So in Jesus the imperfect rule of man on this earth was perfected and at the same time the imperfect sin damaged lives of humanity were redeemed.

Hebrews 2 says God raised up his Son who had tasted death for everyone so that we might see his glory. (Remember, Jesus, as the perfect man, lowered himself to take on humanity in order to redeem us as the perfect man – see Romans 5:12ff). Heb 2:10ff goes on to say that Jesus made us Holy … like a brother, which is completely mind blowing.

So do we rule this earth… yes, under God. But we do not do a very good job of it, do we? However, we do not ultimately rule this world for the perfect rule of humanity is seen in the rule of the God the Son who took on human flesh and was raised to rule by his Father for all eternity. Hope you are now not completely confused.

The second part of the question went on to ask, “if Jesus is now the ‘risen ruler ‘crowned with glory and honour’ (Heb 2:9) is He still man?

The short answer is YES he is 100% God and 100% man … but he has a resurrection body, as the first born from among the dead (Col 1:15-23)