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The Health of Our Community

I have read that one of our Federal Government Senators said, “What’s found in the rubbish bins of a society will tell a telling story of that society”. As they unpacked the bin of our society there would be lots of packaging that shows our affluence. Wasted food stuffs that betray our abundance and fussiness…and so on. But what would they make of the aborted foetus? What would that say about us?

It is surely wise for a community, that prides itself on being humane (just see the public outcry over cruelty to animals) to revisit practices that destroy human life. My assumption is that once conceived the foetus is a person who, given normal circumstances, will fulfil his/her personhood. There is little doubt that this is God’s perspective on the matter.  The Psalmist’s observation is precious and realistic, striking a chord with us all, “For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you for I am fearfully and wonderfully made… your eyes saw my unformed body (embryo)” (Psalm 139:13-15).

Abortion is spoken of as a women’s health issue. Rightly and wrongly in my judgement. Rightly in that a woman’s health is affected by an abortion in many ways. Wrongly in that it is an issue for the baby and the community as well. An abortion may well terminate gestation but experience shows it cannot terminate the ensuing guilt. Whilst it is true, mercifully, that guilt can be dealt with by true repentance and faith in Jesus, its presence should be a reminder to us that abortion is an act that is out of step with God’s purposes.

God has given to parents the privilege and opportunity of nurturing a new generation. This nurture is built upon selfless sacrifice and depends upon trust. Sadly most abortions betray these twin building blocks of service and trust. Familial trust is eroded and sacrifice is replaced by convenience. The consequent loss of these building blocks poses an enormous risk to the health of the individuals involved and the community at large.

The collective callousness of heart, among us, when we practice or tolerate the destruction of almost 100,000 children every year leads to an inevitable loss of respect for life.

Community health is at stake. It must become easier to justify infanticide and euthanasia on the basis of sickness, deminished rationality or even economics if we become hardened by the destruction of the most vulnerable. Some academics in Melbourne have already publically headed that way.

Life is a God given gift. He invites us to live under His loving rule not as individuals making the rules for our own convenience. Life lived under God would mean that pregnancies outside of marriage would be far less likely and those within marriage that are unplanned would not be unwelcomed since God can be trusted to give strength and help. Another way of assessing a society is what it grows (not what it wastes).

Raising children is always a challenge demanding the sacrifice of personal agendas and comfort. God has wired us in such a way that we find real and lasting pleasures in doing His will, His way and with His help.