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The Game Played in Heaven

They say ‘it’s the game played in Heaven’. I’m not sure why but it is probably because of the Welsh tradition of singing hymns at games.

For the last month of so I have waited with eager expectation of the coming Rugby games against the British Lions. Like most Aussies and as one who enjoyed playing Rugby I would love to see us win. (BTW: the first test was played last night and I wrote this before the game kicked off). I must admit that I don’t understand ALL the new rules relating to rucks and mauls but I still get a kick out of a try saving tackle, good field goal or the creation of an overlap that sets up a try. However, like all our sporting loves, we would do well to remember that Rugby is only a game with nothing important hanging on the outcome, yet we can learn some valuable life lessons from our sports.

For example, the winner of the up and coming test series will be the team that displays the best team work. A joint effort will be required. So too in our families, places of work and our community, team work makes all the difference.

One day, Bill, who had played representative Rugby, asked his pastor ‘whether Rugby was played in Heaven?’ The next week the pastor upon enquiring with Heaven, told Bill that ‘yes, Rugby was played in Heaven and that he had been selected to play in next Wednesday’s game!’ It pays to be prepared to be called up to Heaven since death can come our way at any time.

In this rugby series there will be only one winner. One jubilant team and one despondent team. But will the team that loses only see themselves as losers? I guess it depends on just who is in the player’s grandstand, who they are seeking to impress. From my perspective whether you win or lose, none of the players should be despondent just because they are playing the game at this level.

When it comes to our relationship with God the good news is that heaven is not just for ‘the winners’ but for people who have come to God and asked for his forgiveness. From the perspective of eternity every one of us can be a winner if we have identified with Jesus and joined His team. He alone has conquered death and opened the way into Heaven itself. To be a winner in the tough game of life is what God has made us for. That is why He assures all who recognize that they will be on the loosing team, if they do not transfer to His team, and He invites us to join His winning team. The transfer fee has been fully paid by Jesus who says: “whoever wants to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for me and for the gospel will save it.”