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It Is All About Who Rules!

If Jesus is Lord of everything, and His resurrection proves that He is, and yet you do not allow him to be Lord of your life then it might be wise to stop and reflect on this question. “Who is going to win in the end?” It is a good question. The thought of going head to head with God should surely put fear into the heart of anyone who can actually comprehend it.

The only wise course of action for those who understand the implications of their rebellion against God is to say sorry for living as if they are the boss, to ask for God’s forgiveness and to invite Jesus to take control of their life.

If you do this, I cannot imagine that there will be flashing lights and there might not be a great emotional experience, although we are told that heaven rejoices when the lost are found. But the reality is that if you say sorry and ask for forgiveness, wanting Jesus to be the boss of your life then you have been born again, Jesus is now your Lord, you are a child of God, an heir of his eternal inheritance and he has given you his Holy Spirit.

The great Easter Event – the empty tomb and the resurrected body of Jesus shows us for all time that Jesus is Lord of all and he rules over all.

The Dutch Prime Minister Abraham Kuyper captured the implication of Jesus Lordship for men and for women when in 1880 at the opening of the Free University of Amsterdam he said “there is not one square inch in the entire area of human life about which Christ, who is sovereign of all, does not cry out ‘mine’ ”. This is reality.

Easter Day calls all people to face this reality. And it is better faced now, sooner rather than later. For until, we die and face Him, or He returns again, we have the opportunity of obeying Him, receiving pardon and experiencing all the wonderful joys of submission to Jesus. Failure to do so constitutes treason and as such invites the King’s judgement.

C.S Lewis reminds us that “there is no neutral ground in the Universe. Every square inch is claimed by God and counter claimed by Satan”.

If we ignore or reject Jesus as ruler it demonstrates our folly. Why would we not want to get real? Especially as the credentials of Jesus are so winsome and those of the devil so ugly and destructive.

Jesus death on the cross destroyed the penalty and separation of sin. His resurrection on the 3rd day shows us that death has been defeated. Satan is concerned only to blind us to God’s love and bind us to self-centredness and death.

Easter Day is about Who Rules, about who can deliver the goods, about the one who rules in order to transform, liberate and give real hope.