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God Offers Far More

A few months ago I mentioned a book I was reading called “Captured by a better vision – Living Porn free”.  It is easy to be legalistic when trying to escape sinful habits or traps and the book aims to get us to see how, whilst porn offers so much, it never delivers as its promises are hollow.

On the other hand God offers far more and delivers. There are plenty of testimonies to the destruction that porn has in people’s lives but also to the restoration and repair that following Jesus will bring to the life of any sinner. The point is, if we can see that following Jesus’ way is a better vision then resisting temptation will become far easier.

The chapter details how porn promises respect but God is glorious and he is the one we should fear. How porn promises relationship but God is sovereign over our relationships. How porn promises refuge in times of stress but God is sovereign over our lives in times of stress. How porn promises reward but God is our ultimate and lasting joy. How porn promises revenge but God gives us more than we deserve. And finally how porn promises redemption but God is the one who atones for our sins.

Whilst I will not go into detail for each of these sections, I do recommend reading the book. In dealing with any sin, the fear of leaving the sin behind can trap people in it but if they realised how much greater God is, then it is easier to cast the sin aside and leave it behind. The reality of how much greater God and what he offers is, as opposed to anything that sin can offer our lives will help us flee sin and submit to God.

Now I do not know what sin you struggle with but in seeking to overcome this sin that infects and affects our lives we need to be captured by a better vision. Are you seeking escape from giving in to the temptation of sin (whatever sin is in your life) as you understand the beauty of God, as you are freed by the grace of God and as you fight for the glory of God?

Whilst we are on the topic of porn I do recommend the short Minizine we have on our notice stand called “Purity in the age of Porn”. There is a great discussion guide on the back of it and your bible study group might like to use it in between series.