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Contentment as a Witness

The world is wondering if anything is truly valuable. Have you noticed? People engage in the life long pursuit of treasure, prestige, comfort and all sorts of other desirable goals, only to get to the end and ask themselves if there isn’t anything more.

People who have priceless possessions and make millions of dollars believe just a little bit more will make them happy. People who earn honour after honour feel like failures if the latest one doesn’t come through. While the world is chasing after its treasures, its citizens eventually find out that nothing offered will truly satisfy. And they want to know: is anything really worthwhile.

We have the answer, you know. Paul expresses it here. “Whatever was to my profit I now consider loss for the sake of Christ.” (Philippians 3:7) Only what is both good and eternal matters, and only He is truly good and eternal. If the world wants to know what is worth pursuing, our contentment can show them exactly where to look. Unless of course, we aren’t content.

We have to be honest: Discontentment is a problem, even among Christians. We’ve forgotten the art of finding ourselves in Christ alone and have begun seeking for the kind of contentment the world craves but will never find. We hope for the eternal blessings of Jesus, but in the meantime we want the temporal blessings of the passing world. And while God often lets us have them, He never wants us to embrace them. All our love is to be invested first in Him.

Everything else is secondary.

Have you ever considered that your contentment honours God and witnesses to the world? When we strive after self-fulfilment and find that it always eludes our grasp, we are indicating that Jesus wasn’t quite sufficient. If, on the other hand, we forsake all else and embrace Jesus, as Paul did, we are a shining witness to a world in futile pursuit of worthless things. We have found treasures others have never considered. We have pointed them to the Saviour.

God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in Him.

John Piper Devotion from the book by Chris Tiegreen, “The One Year Wonder of the Cross Devotional.”