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E100 and All Your Questions

A good friend of ours thought she should seek answers to ALL her questions before she made any commitment to following Jesus. I can sort of understand her desire to be rationally credible but she soon realised that she would keep having questions.

The wonderful thing is that she started seeking the answers rather than just saying she had questions. But each time her questions were answered she had more. It was great to see her enthusiasm.

Eventually she realised that it is OK to have questions as a Christian. In fact you will never have all your questions answered. All her initial major questions had answers. The great end to the story is that she accepted Jesus’ offer of forgiveness and committed her life to following Jesus… and she still has questions that she seeks answers to.

I have heard of people who have been told not to ask questions of their faith but I reckon that we should be doing the exact opposite. Rom 12:1-2 calls on us to be transformed by the renewing of our mind so asking questions must be part of this.

In speaking to people about how their E100 program has been going there is no doubt that what people are reading is generating questions. Can I encourage you to write your questions down? Why not invite us over for a cuppa and we can seek answers to your questions. You can write your questions down and put them in the question box at church and I will seek to answer them via a sermon series, or our web site or via our newsletter (and no, I will not put your name down as the one who asked the question).

By the way, where are you up to in your E100 reading? I have certainly fallen a little behind but it has been great to read through the big picture of God’s plan. What have you been learning as you have read? In order to help us all grow together under God’s word why not share some of what you have been reading with your fellow Christians after church on Sunday.