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One of our family’s favourite TV channels at present is 7mate. Mega disasters, Big Bigger Biggest and many programs of a similar nature certainly grab the attention of the blokes in the household. On a recent show we watched them build the world’s tallest bridge. It was an incredible feat of engineering.

For those of you who have driven any distance it is amazing to see just how many bridges you will have to cross in any one trip. Bridges are essential for us getting around.

Whether small ones, across so many creeks or the railway line, or longer ones like the bridge at Murray Bridge, they make our travel so much easier. Indeed if one of them is out of action, we have to detour or in some cases wait until the bridge is replaced or the waters subside. A road of a thousand kilometres can be rendered impassable if a five metre bridge is washed away or under water.

The purpose of Jesus coming into this world was to bridge the gap between God and us. The gap is caused by His holiness and our sinfulness. There is a gulf that separates us over which we cannot pass. Many people, often well-meaning and sincere, believe that this gulf can be bridged by their own efforts, thinking or religious actions like Baptism. But each of these suffers from the same defects.

Defect number one is that the starting point is from the wrong end. Defect number two is that the gap is so wide that nothing we can do can build a superstructure strong enough to bear the weight of our offences. Defect number three is we are using the wrong building materials because ‘things we do’ never bridge the gap any way.

Mercifully, God has provided the bridge which is His Son. Starting from God’s side, built upon the solid basis of His Divinity, sinless life and sin bearing death and reaching right across the gulf, this bridge can stand the weight of the heaviest traffic. There is no sinner whose sin could possibly break this bridge of Jesus’ love. Furthermore, this bridge is never out of action. The floods of human ridicule, doubt, and disinterest can never prevail. Until Jesus’ return in glory, or our own death, the bridge is always open for traffic. There is no toll to be paid. Indeed the cost has been fully met, once and for all, by Jesus Himself. This is seen not only in His taking on human nature, and leaving Heaven, but standing in our place upon the cross.

To profit from this bridge, a person need only do what we do when we drive from Adelaide to Bordertown. We trust the engineers, we know from the experience of others, indeed our own that the bridge will bear our traffic. The Lord Jesus is a proven performer. Countless millions from every culture in every age have defied the indifference and criticism of their peers, faced the reality of their own sin and inability to reach God on their own, and entrusted themselves to Jesus. They have stepped onto the bridge and enjoyed the experience of sins forgiven and a gracious welcome into God’s presence through prayer and are therefore confidently looking forward to their entry into God’s presence. Bridges are for traffic; they exist to give us confidence in our driving. And this is exactly why Jesus has bridged the gap from God to ourselves, so that this most important journey of all can be undertaken in confidence.