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Summer is hardly the time when SA is at it prettiest however as the year progresses we will see radical transformation take place. There will be stunning colours and in some trees colours will be combined and blended.

How fortunate we are to have these constant reminders of His consistency and glory before us. God not only supplies our needs season by season but consistently at the same time every year. He also delights to gladden our eyes, to display before us myriad sights to give us pleasure amidst the mundane, the troubles, and the unexpected aspects of life.

Whether we see these as delights from His generous hand is up to us. If life is the result of mere chance and random coincidences we will be unlikely to delight in God’s handiwork. When we jettison belief in a gracious and caring God who is creator, sustainer and provider, we rob ourselves of a veritable treasure trove of pleasures.

One of our endemic problems in Australia, shared with other affluent nations, is anhedonia. Anhedonia is the inability to find pleasure in the simple and ordinary things of life. What we used to call the law of diminishing returns, anhedonia is caused in the main by our growing dependence on electronic means of communication. We can have 600 Facebook ‘friends’ but no face-to-face friends to talk to, hang out with, or company we can enjoy. Our brain’s pleasure centre, overstimulated by our technology and affluence needs more and more stimulation in order to derive pleasure.

On the other hand, God gives us many real time pleasures to enjoy, at a pace we can handle, process and savour. The remedy for this endemic problem that has seen a quarter of American teenagers on anti-depressants is greatly enhanced by a simple gratitude to God for the many wonders of creation and daily provision that He so kindly places before our eyes every day. The budding flower, the sunrise, the stunning sunset, our daily bread (not to mention daily cake, chocolate, croissants), the rain, running water, the sounds of birds combine to offer us delight every day.

Add to this the joys of real friendships with the opportunity to help and be helped, to speak and to listen, to weep and to laugh and we are truly fortunate indeed. Yet there is an even deeper pleasure open to us if we will choose. It is that of relating to the Creator, not in a vague, distant or mechanical fashion but as a child to their Heavenly Father, as a forgiven sinner to the eternal Saviour the Lord Jesus. From this pleasure we will never tire, for God, true to His Word, is trustworthy, gracious and full of delightful treats for those who lovingly trust Him.