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The Danger of Putting it Off

“I’ll do it later.” “Tomorrow…!” “Not now…perhaps next week.”

We’ve all done it, haven’t we? Procrastination seems to be part of human nature, especially when it comes to doing things we don’t like.

In some things it doesn’t matter too much. The lawn can always be cut tomorrow, though if mother-in-law is coming today, it may be unwise to put it off!

However, other things are important and must be done. For example, if I need to apologise and seek forgiveness from my wife or child, I would be very unwise to put it off even until tomorrow. The longer the time taken, the more chance of hurt and misunderstanding to fester.

Good intentions often characterise a person’s attitude towards God. Deep down most people know that He is real, they know that they fail His standards, and they know that they ought to do something about turning back to Him.

It has been said that the road to hell is paved with good intentions. It’s true, it is. The days become weeks, weeks months, months become years and years a lifetime without having God in our lives. It must be said that a lifetime becomes eternity. Eternity without God and anything good is what hell is all about. The worst part will be knowing that a decision to do something about God could have kept us from it.

A friend of mine once remarked “a thing that can be done any time is generally done at no time.” Think about it.

So often people say to me, “I can decide to follow God any time.” “Of course you can” I say, “in fact you ought to follow God every day, but do you?”

Whether we do or not depends on our priorities. All of us make time for what’s important in our lives. Eating; TV; the club; our hobby; sport and family; all good things in themselves, but what about the Giver of Life and all good things? So often we leave Him out. “Next year I’ll have more time to read the Bible and find out about Jesus.” But next year sees us just as busy.

It’s important to attend relationship issues today, and to make good time for them. This applies equally to our relationship with God and other people.

The mowing can wait, but only I can sort out my relationships. Don’t take the risk of doing tomorrow what must be done today.