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Psalm 31 – A Cry For Deliverance

Psalm 31:1-24

Luke 23:44-56

… when your life is filled with oppression … when you are fearful of your future?

Is it OK to bring God our real heart problems?
“Does our reality touch God’s reality?”

An intro to Psalms
… a book of praises.
… the human voice as people cry out to God.
… God’s word to us
… each of the Psalms is a song
Psalms of lament
… throwing it all up to God and crying out to him.
… Weeping
… Wondering

Psalm 31
… an individual lament psalm.
… that cries out to God for deliverance
from a place of great anguish … to a place where he is assured by God.
– Psalm 31:1-8
– Psalm 31:9-24

Question 1 – What does the psalmist know about God?
…it is safe to cry out to God and to seek his refuge in God.
verse 2 … his Rock …strong fortress
verse 3 … he wants God to be the one who guides him and leads him
verse 16 … unfailing love,
verse 17 … will hold everyone to account
verse 19 … good things that YHWH has stored up.
King David knows God and knows what God is like
verse 21-22…praises God
… all the wonders of his faithful love,
… deliver all his faithful people,
… heard his cry for mercy and call for help.

verse 23-24…. Proclaims goodness of YHWH

Question 2 – Why Trust God in times of opposition?
His life is consumed by anguish, and years by groaning.
… knows that all other gods are empty false nothings
verse 18 … God will bring those who attack him to account

Question 3 – Will God instantly deliver King David?
Because he knows YHWH he entrusts himself to YHWH
…verse 15 his times are in YHWH’s hands even though he is like shattered pottery and people conspire and plot to take his life.

For us today
1) Do you know YHWH as King David knew him?
Do you know (not simply know about) the faithfulness of YHWH?
Do you know the trustworthiness of YHWH?
Is he your Rock … your fortress?

2) Jesus, this Psalm and us
Luke 23, “into your hands I commit my spirit”.