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Wealth and Poverty

Ecclesiastes 5:8-20

Luke 16:19-31

From last week…

  • All that we have belongs to God
  • Everything that belongs to God should be used with regard for him

“Give me neither poverty nor riches” (Prov 30:8)

  • How do we respond to the gap between the wealthy and the poor?
  • How do we respond as those who are (by and large) not poor?

Is wealth bad?

  • In the OT in particular, wealth is often a sign of favour
  • Having money, however, is not necessarily a mark of good character.

Be aware of the dangers of wealth…

  • It never satisfies-It is uncertain
  • You can’t take it with you

Are we obliged to help the poor?

Applying the principles to wealth

  • Money is God’s… how should we use it?
  • The rich man and Lazarus: luxury and opportunity
  • The gospel should transform our character and behaviour