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Revelation 17-20 – The Fall of Babylon

Notice: Unfortunately the bible reading was not recorded

“What’s the take on Revelation today?”.

The end of “Rome”
Chapter 17 … the end of Babylon

But is Rev 17 only speaking to us about Rome?

…what is going to happen to all human cities of power when God calls everything to its final conclusion.
Babylon … symbolic of human rebellion against God.

… the seductive nature of human power is also incredibly frail.
Augustine, “there will be an end to every earthly kingdom. You are surprised that the world is losing its grip and full of pressing tribulations. Do not hold on to the old man, the world: do not refuse to regain your youth in Christ who says to you, “the world is passing away, the world is short of breath. Do not fear, thy youth shall be renewed as an eagle

The same events .. again
“Fallen, Fallen is Babylon the great”.
Rev 18:8, “plagues will overtake her.. she will be consumed by fire for mighty is the Lord God who judges her”.

Heaven rejoices
“Salvation and glory belong to him. True and just are his judgements.”.

“blessed are those invited to the wedding supper of the lamb”.

  • God wants his people to remain following him
  • God also wants those who do not yet know him to come to follow him.

“Never worship anyone else but God” (see also Rev 22:8-9)

Satan’s last whimper
an angel coming from heaven with a key and a chain, taking hold of Satan, binding him up and locking him up.
Chronological Millennial views

  • the pre-millennialists…
  • the post millennialists…

So, what do I think?
…the 1000 years is simply imagery of a period of time
… between when Jesus defeated Satan on the cross and when he returns to wrap everything up.

For us today
1) God wins
But how does this impact us living for Jesus today?
… God is worthwhile putting aside these things