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Revelation 1:1-8 – A Letter Worth Reading

Daniel 7:1-14

Revelation 1:1-8

From Genesis to Revelation
i) all about “cracking a code”
ii) helps them to “uncode every other book” in God’s word.
iii) a book best avoided.
BUT … a letter worthwhile reading..
What is the whole book saying?
“The lamb wins”

Show video (Rev 1-3 ) Time: 0:00-3:45

The ways people read it
i) … only to events in the past
ii) … only to events in the future
iii) … summary of all human history
iv) …only there to encourage us
v) … the opportunity to see what God is doing from different angles

What does it say?
… where this revelation comes from and who it is about.
… the line of transmission. The Father to the Son to the Angel to John to the readers…
… what sort of revelation it is.
Apocalyptic literature … uses symbolism vision to reveal God’s perspective on current history so it can be viewed in light of God’s final plan for humanity.
Prophecy … God’s word delivered through his prophet to his people.

… the seven churches in the province of Asia.
The province of Asia (show picture)
The seven churches. (show picture of 7 churches)

Grace and Peace …

i) God’s nature and character
… God the Father
one who is, who was and who is to come.
… the seven spirits.
indwells the followers in each of the seven churches.
… Jesus.
the faithful witness
the firstborn from the dead
now rules God’s world.

ii) Our purpose as his people
… to be in his kingdom and to be priests who serve him.
So what does this really mean?
God’s people, living under God’s rule
… whose role it is to mediate the goodness, the reign and the redemptive work of Jesus to the world around us.

iii) God’s end goal
… will return, he will judge and his dominion will never pass away

Us today?
1) Prepare for persecution and compromise
… know God is vital
2) Serve with eternity in your hearts
2) Serve with eternity in your hearts