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Our Problems With Work

Genesis 3:1-25

Ecclesiastes 2:17-26


Our Problems With Work

… it seems fruitless?
… or pointless

Question from last week
What is the difference between work and leisure?

1. Work can be fruitless
Gen 3:17, God affirms Adam’s need to work the ground.
But … he will also reap thorns and thistles.
Romans 8:22 … all creation groans

Living with the thorns and thistles
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a. know your circumstances.
b. work will never give you a perfect experience all the time

2. Work becomes pointless

Living with death
Ecclesiastes 2:24-36… seek to find contentment in your work as you serve God.
Matthew 11:28-30… find in him the rest for their souls.

3. Work reveals my selfishness
Gen 11:4 … wanted to make a name for themselves by building a city with a tower that reaches to the heavens.

Living with my selfishness
Qu 1 – How does doing this work help me serve God? How does it help me serve myself? Why has God placed me here doing this work?
Qu 2 – Am I more concerned with the economic return or community recognition this job gives me than I am for my family? Do I wish people would notice me as I did the job?
Qu 3 – Am I prepared to risk the results of my work by making a stand for God in the place I do my work (remember think of the broad definition of work not just as my paid job)

4. Work exposes our idols
So, is there any hope for work?