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The End of Isaiah – We’ve Done It!

Isaiah 65:1-66:24

Question: Isaiah 64:12 – Where is God?
Answer: Isaiah 65:1 – “Here am I, Here am I”

Note that Salvation and Judgement are not a one off events but a process, beginning at the cross and ending when Jesus comes back a second time.

Three pictures


Who for? Those who ignore God’s call (Is. 65:11,12)
What is the result? Death, destruction, (Is 65:6,7)
What does that look like? Hell (Is 66:15,16)


Who for? Those who answer God’s call (Is 65:8-10), and for those who are humble (Is 66:2b)
What is the result? A new heaven and a new earth (Is. 65:17,18)
What does that look like? Heaven (Is. 19-25)
God’s mission to the nations (Is. 66:18-24)