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Jesus of Nazareth never held a political office. He never wrote a book. He never married, never attended university, and never visited a big city. He was a lower-class worker who died homeless and poor. Yet, in spite of all the odds, he is the most famous person in all of history. Why?

This course aims to provide an opportunity to explore Jesus’ life and to consider its significance for today. Whether you’re inquiring, a sceptic, or a believer we are confident that you will be informed and entertained.

The Life of Jesus course was developed by John Dickson, a senior research fellow of the Department of Ancient History, Macquarie University. It runs over six sessions. Each session consisting of a short documentary, readings from the course material and an ancient biography of Jesus, and time for questions and discussion.

No prior experience with Christianity is required, and all are welcome. There’s no cost, no pressure, no dress code, and no exams. We’ll provide tea, coffee and nibbles, and child minding options are available on request.

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